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Harper Stewart (Diggs) is a young man living in Chicago with his beautiful and devoted girlfriend Robin (Lathan). However, Harper, whose professional life is on the verge of a major breakthrough is hesitant about committing to a woman. Harper’s debut novel, Unfinished Business, has been selected by Oprah’s Book Club, a seal of approval that pretty much guarantees him a best seller. …

– Wikipedia

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The Best Man
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The one that started it all! My first feature arose out of my desire to see African- Americans on screen to whom I could relate. Originally titled My Homeboy’s Wedding, The Best Man was not a movie I had planned on making. I set out to write a script so commercial that I could sell it and use that money to make my senior thesis at NYU.  My plan was measured and deliberate, yet as I wrote it I discovered there was no reason I couldn’t and shouldn’t direct it myself.
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